Oregon Gamblers Feeling Luckii? Online Platform Combines Slots, Historical Horse Racing


Written By Derek Helling on September 28, 2020Last Updated on October 26, 2021


If you’ve ever gotten lucky betting on historical horse races or playing slots online, you now have a way to try your luck doing at both.

The legal Luckii online gambling platform is now live in Oregon.

The platform marries those two experiences into one new way to play. For gamblers in Oregon, it’s a way to not only have some fun online but potentially win some cash as well.

Oregon Gamblers Feeling Luckii? Online Platform Combines Slots, Historical Horse Racing 2

How the Luckii online gambling platform works

If you’ve ever bet on historical horse races with pari-mutuel odds, you’ll be a quick study on Luckii. Luckii online gambling uses such a model and historical horse races in its games.

Instead of delivering a simulated horse race online, the presentation looks much like the online slots you would find in a social casino platform. The games have reels with fantasy themes, such as Stallion Thunder.

For each play, Luckii picks a certain historical horse race from its pool of thousands of such events. You won’t know which horses, jockeys, track or trainers are involved, however.

You can opt to reference real historical data to help you fill out your virtual race card, but those handicapping tools won’t advise you of the participant’s true identities. Instead, they’ll use generic characters or fake names.

You can choose to have the website handicap the race for you. Once you’ve filled out your race card and made your bet, the reels will spin to reveal the results of your race.

The presentation will feel and look a lot like playing online slots. There is one huge difference between that and Luckii’s “slots,” however.

Why Luckii isn’t really online slots despite the similarities

The odds of winning traditional online slot games are solely about math. The game’s operator sets them to pay out specific amounts at certain intervals based on how much you wager.

Luckii’s games pay out based on the results of actual past horse races. Your odds of winning fluctuate based on how real horses performed in actual races.

If you like, you can even watch a video replay of the actual result that Luckii used to determine your play. Either way, the website will provide you with all the details of the race.

Because your odds are based on actual horse races and not an algorithm, the state doesn’t consider it a game of chance. The state also holds that opinion because you can opt to handicap the race and fill out your card yourself.

Luckii is only currently available in Oregon. You can use a checking account, credit card or debit card to fund your account. New customers are also eligible for a sign-up bonus.

While this new way to gamble online isn’t really all about luck, being lucky won’t hurt. If you win some cash playing Luckii online games, you’ll definitely feel fortunate.

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